Organisation CTD et CET

[dg columns=”1″ attachment_pg=”false” paginate=”true” ids=”215″] Beaucoup de temps dépensé par tes collègues IRP pour que la Direction communique un organigramme de l’organisation. En intermission début 2017, des jours RTT « salarié » 2016 ont été imposés.  Des collègues ont perdu des jours de repos au 1er juin 2016. Section Syndicale SICSTI-CFTC Astek Remarque : JavaScript est requis pour ce contenu.

Organization, CTD and CET

[dg attachment_pg=”false” columns=”1″ descriptions=”false” new_window=”true” paginate=”true” ids=”454″] It was time consuming for your staff representatives (IRP) just to obtain an organization’s diagram for 2017… Early 2017 at intermission, your remaining RTT of year 2016 have been imposed… Some colleagues have lost some rest days the 1st 2016. ASTEK SICSTI-CFTC Union Section Remarque : JavaScript est requis pour … Lire la suite Organization, CTD and CET

Disconnection law in effect

Right for disconnection is in place in companies since 1st 2017 (no phone response required outside working time, during your holidays,..). Collective Agreement shall be signed between the CFTC and your Astek’s employer. Employer shall favour the right for disconnection. (Also see the french version of this article) Jean-Michel GARDE Remarque : JavaScript est requis pour … Lire la suite Disconnection law in effect

Human Capital Management

[dg attachment_pg=”false” columns=”1″ new_window=”true” paginate=”true” fancy=”true” ids=”502″] Compagny’s Lifestyle Quality = Company’s Growth… New requirements from “digital and excessive agile practices” but also employees who aspire for better way of life at work. A vertical management approach, based on autority, to open management shall emerge. ASTEK SICSTI-CFTC Union Section Remarque : JavaScript est requis pour ce … Lire la suite Human Capital Management