External growth against respectuous management & loyalty scheme

We’re making growth without the capacity to maintain the staff which should be the first priority; our Executive are « putting the cart before the horse ». There is still a huge gap between the DRH speech and the abuses against some employees (Engineers, Business Engineers,..) Part of the management shall stop abusive practices for protecting ourself … Lire la suiteExternal growth against respectuous management & loyalty scheme

Disconnection law in effect

Right for disconnection is in place in companies since 1st 2017 (no phone response required outside working time, during your holidays,..). Collective Agreement shall be signed between the CFTC and your Astek’s employer. Employer shall favour the right for disconnection. (Also see the french version of this article) Jean-Michel GARDE Remarque – JavaScript est requis … Lire la suiteDisconnection law in effect